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CeeLo Green


heard this song in Chuck 1x10. scene Sarah tengah fikir samada nak ikut Bryan or stay with Chuck.
rasa macam best je lagu ni. macam sedih. melancholic. macam familiar.
googled for it. lyrics & meaning.

and then tiba-tiba ternampak nama CeeLo Green in one of the comments. padan ah this song sounds familiar. last week hari-hari pasang The Lady Killer. haruslah dengar lagu ni.

BTW, ni meaning yang paling spot on.
I think of this song is more of the ending of a relationship of where both parties still love each other, but they are unable to be together, whether they are already married or have other lovers; this also regards the idea that you can fall in love more than once but you don't HAVE to act upon those feelings. Even after the two of you break up, there is still that memory of the relationship that hangs around like a "ghost." And the other person always wants to feel like they made an impact in your life, hence the lyrics "I never want to hear you say/that you'd be better off/or you liked it that way." From the lines of "warning" there are times in a relationship where you wished that you or the other person could have been warned of the outcome even before you started loving each other. "No one's gonna love you more than I do" is a way of saying that even when things don't work out, you'll always have this place in your heart where you will forever love that person.

apa lagi insan-insan koyak sekalian. ayuh layan lagu ni untuk tambah kekoyakan. oh. aku tak koyak. tapi aku suka feeling-feeling depressed kalau duduk sorang-sorang. emosi tak stabil. ha ha ha

p/s: i love both versions. but the original one intrigues me.
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