Versi Saya Sayang FUU V

how was your Eid? i spent mine at Batu Pahat with lots and lots of sleep. woke up at 9AM. took a shower. ate some ketupat, lodeh and sambal goreng. wore my baju kurung. ironed the shawl but wore the black syria instead. slept for a few hours and woke up to eat again.
and then at 9PM, went back to JB. got on the phone with my best friend. logged into facebook account and then WHAMMM! burnt by someone about something i wrote on twitter. kinda bummed that… i lost my right to express my feelings about things regarding haram/halal just because i’m not exactly a good Muslim. seriously rasa macam nak nangis sebab it reminded me of this thing that happened three years ago :(
i miss these cooler than cool people that will almost always be there for their friends. they’re so much fun to hang out with! couldn’t ask for better batch-mates…

Geng Birthday at Taman Botani Putrajaya
 picnic @ Botanical Garden, Putrajaya
debot’s and fakhri’s belated birthday celebration

Geng Birthday at Tempoyak Seri Kembangan
dinner @ Tempoyak
ira’s early birthday celebration

- pictures credit to Debot and Mastur :) -
my hands are ice cold. probably because i was brought back to the memory that i hated the most. the one that i never wanna remember again. hmm. i can’t run from my past, can i? gotta try to live with it but it hurts soo bad :'(
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