faking it the Photo Scape way

a friend asked me how i edit my pictures to look sort of like pictures taken by analog camera. the answer is, i use Photo Scape. you can download it for free. it’s user friendly.  basically, i just resize, watermark and add the cinema/agfa effect. easy peesy. even my seven year old brother can do that. it’s perfect for people who want a fuss-free photo editor. the ones who doesn’t know how to use photoshop, like me. ngeh.

LG ice cream original picture (LG ice cream)

photo scape agfa editphoto scape agfa edit Agfa Film Effect

photo scape cinema editphoto scape cinema edit   Cinema Film Effect


so yeah. give it a try. maybe you’ll love it.

by the way, i have been so down lately. my carry marks ain’t good enough. need to work hard for final exams. i guess lady luck is not on my side anymore. less than 10 days to final exams. wish me luck peeps!

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