Son of Rambow [2007]


cerita ni kelakar. cerita ni sedih. cerita ni sayu. cerita ni happy ending :)

Lee Carter budak nakal. suka buli budak lain. suka mencuri. tapi kat rumah, dia sangat sayang abang dia walaupun abang dia biar ja kawan-kawan abang dia belasah dia. dia hidangkan breakfast. dia ingat birthday. his brother is his everything.
I don't care what you and your so-called mates say about me, but don't you ever, ever call my brother a scab! You know, at least he's there for me! At least he cares about me, which is more than I can say for you, blood brother. You're a two-faced fake like the rest of them and I'm gutted it took me this long to work it out. I'm gutted I fell for it, Will. Lawrence is better than all of you and all that lot put together and he's all I've got, alright? He's all I've got.
siapakah yang melakonkan watak Lawrence?


oh yeah. it’s Ed Westwick. ok. nak start tengok Gossip Girl sekarang. haha.
malas gila nak balik esok :(
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