stars in our eyes cause we’re having a good time

the last funeral was my younger sister’s. the last death was on friday (mak tok’s step-sister). the last wedding was my cousin’s. semuanya depressing in different levels.
imageafter solemnization. grab this from my cousin’s Facebook :P
bride’s kenduri was on Saturday. theme: red, white. tak rewang tak apa. i just sat around and snap some pics. at last bernyawa kembali kameraku. but still, doing nothing for five hours is tiring. my oldest cousin bought ice cream for the big family. yeay for that because the cake sucks. i hate cheap cream cakes.

at night, went out to Batu Pahat with my uncle’s family. we’re hoping to grab a bite at Odeon. too bad it was closed. we end up eating at Warung Azizah, Lorong Ali (??) which is like 10 minutes away from nyai’s place. what a waste of time and fuel going all the way to BP. salah jalan bagai because of all the one way roads. fortunately the food was great. mi bandung there was as good as Odeon’s plus super tasty seafood fried rice. yumm! :)


kenduri at groom’s place was yesterday. theme: green, gold-ish brown. it was raining during makan beradab. the cake was DELICIOUS. four layers of cheese and chocolate. who can resist? not me of course :D lauk daging pun sedap!

after that, we went back to JB straight away. singgah Jakel because there’s a big sale going on. bought tiga pasang kain ela. finally, my first buy during YES. how pathetic. i want to go shopping so bad :(


saw a couple of schoolmates there. tapi tak tegur pun.

don’t get caught up in the Monday blues :)
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