Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

final exam has ended. hoorah! :D went to Jusco in Balakong(??) with anis, ina, zahirah and fakhri. had a 2 hour karaoke session with the girls and later on we watched Pisau Cukur. i didn’t know before watching it that Bernard Chauly is the director. no wonder he invited me (via Facebook) to watch the movie. heeee. i remember watching Gol & Gincu in 2005 with schoolmates and it was like, THE best Malay movie during that time. and Pisau Cukur is definitely a very chic movie! the star-studded casts are incredible. INCREDIBLE i tell you!!! i love liyana jasmay’s work (strictly acting-wise). and 3R and afdlin and nas-T and eizlan and fazura. it has flaws but it’s still my must-watch-movie of the month!!!

on another note, tomorrow, i’ll be leaving UKM. not for long. 5 weeks only. i hope life won’t suck at home. i hope wifi is working. i hope i have money to go shopping. i’m running out of cash! and i still owe RM300++ to celcom. damn you celcom!! oh JPA, where art thou??

p/s: lets sing ‘i believe i can fly’ and ‘i gotta feeling’ together ramai-ramai, like a mob or something. it’ll be fun :DD !!! those songs can really lift our spirit.
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