500 Days of Summer [2009]

There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths

‘500 Days of Summer’ was incredible… in my opinion.

had goose bumps all-over throughout the movie - the whole 100 minutes of it. it was kinda tragic how the movie goes. there are some very very sweet and romantic scenes, like, how i wish i can be at IKEA right now (you’ll know why after you’ve watch it). but there’s also some pretty depressing moments (or maybe i was being too emotional??).

nonetheless, it’s a good movie with a good storyline, good characters and actors, great music, and maybe some lessons that we can learn about love, finding ‘the one’, ups and downs of life and also hope. by the way, Summer looks soo much like Katy Perry, no?

so guys and gals, do watch this movie ok (showing at selected cinemas only).****
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