last post before balik kampung

semata-mata nak spend time with family, i cancelled my plan with somebody else. sorry. but, i think this semester sangat sikit masa spent with family because sangat tak ada masa untuk balik JB. second year’s life sucks sometimes. *sigh*

overall, yesterday was great. iftar at pizza hut. tried out prawn olio (old menu) which was so-so.

went shopping afterwards. initially, didn’t plan to buy anything but i managed to grab another pair of pumps. hehe.

been thinking about buying a pair of new (wide leg) jeans but the price tag was like, OMG (RM259)! baik aku simpan duit for derma dinner fac. asked a friend about her jeans and it was like for 50 bucks (read=RM) only!! super sweet deal mann! but she got it during her london trip last semester break. damnn! looks like i’ll never get to own one unless there’s somebody generous enough to buy it for me. siapalah insan malang tu. well, maybe i’ll wait till next semester. guna duit JPA sudeh!

bargain of the day, PEMILIK CINTAKU SETELAH ALLAH DAN RASUL, which was recommended by a friend. can’t wait to start reading it. maybe during my stay at Pasir Mas because, IMO,  aidilfitri there was not-so-aidilfitri compared to my other kampung at Batu Pahat.

that’s all for now. till then, enjoy your holidays people!
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