mengapa kamu, mengapa jadi begini?

1. three books (snuff, invisible monster, chart throb) in two weeks. the endings were surprisingly unexpected and not disappointing at all. highly recommend ‘em. however, the first two is not for the faint-hearted and narrow-minded.

2. calamity at block 10 KKM. damn! evicted(!!) and will relocate to block 3 next Tuesday. life proceeds minus wireless internet connection.

3. home sweet home. not so sweet life. all is well. Najmi is getting naughtier and cuter by the minute. Madihah is not so annoying now. abah and ma seems happy. Mamat is concentrating on his studies. he’ll be sitting for SPM this year.

4. wireless at home = bliss :D

5. already bought tickets JB – SEREMBAN for 31st August and 27th September. still thinking ‘bout going to BEP’s concert on 25th September until i read this.

6. loads of work to do (cyber law, U3, ko-k, tort, criminal). and most probably i won’t make it to tort group meeting next Tuesday. (see 2)

7. buka puasa with Ofee, Ayam and Nuar. i’m sorry if i said something that might jeopardise anybody’s relationship.
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