i want to slap somebody so bad.

found another Bliss Shop at Semua House. the other one is at Mid Valley. ate at Capital Cafe located opposite SOGO. they got LOMO camera’s in the shelf behind the cashier counter + B&W pictures of KL during 1971 flood. cool… no?

Capital Cafe Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Kuala Lumpur

Capital Cafe Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Kuala Lumpur

i’ve promised myself not to shop online again until next semester… except LOMO stuff. seems pretty unconvincing right? maybe i need to do the oath thingy like the one that Queen Y did.

oh… and i need to buy a pair of heels! found one beautiful suede vintage heels at Bliss Shop but i can barely walk in it. too bad :( today i saw Mira Zaharani’s shoes and i kinda like it. i’ll totally buy it if, and only if, it’s all-black and shiny 2.5” pumps, instead of open-toed, wood-like 3-4” wedges.

on saturday, i Google-d ‘loud derogatory comment tort’ just to find out whether it amounts to assault or not. what do you know, found a similar question and the recommended answer. rezeki aku lah kot. and then i thought, why not share it with my batch mates? so, i posted the link at Facebook and Twitter. after that i went to cafe for dinner, watched Majalah 3 tribute to Yasmin Ahmad (still can’t believe she’s not here anymore), sang along to Angel – Atilia (OST Talentime) and cried while Mak Enom talks about her late daughter T_T… and forget all about tort. heh :p

today, i sense bad vibes.

firstly, from some people who wasn’t very pleased with me-sharing-link thingy. please lah. it’s not like i hacked Puan Hanim’s computer and stole the answer. if you think giving out the link is wrong, sila (think like that). everybody have their own stand. IMO, if i keep it for myself, that’s just plain selfish. maybe i am (selfish) sometimes but certainly not this time.

secondly, while in Arabic class, Ustaz told us that Yasmin’s brother was relieved she died early because her movies, and i quote; ‘akan merosakkan rakyat sebab memaparkan pergaulan bebas’. damn! i love those movies. still, what matters the most is parents’ blessings right? in conclusion, boycott KOSMO!
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