happy friendship day.

oh my. missing school soooo much. damn! maybe because today’s date is one of the most celebrated ones during school-years. rasa macam nak menangis ;(

there will be dedications, notes, cards, roses and stuff. people will be exchanging wishes, candies… it was just lovely and beautiful and fun and i miss it soo much i envy kids at school. tomorrow will be a blast for ‘em. kalau ada ko-k best sebab dapat jumpa kawan-kawan  and snap loads of pictures :) or even better, celebrate at City Square or Jusco Bukit Indah or Jusco Tebrau City or Danga or Istana Garden… they’re sooo lucky! :/

i wish all my friends; old, new, past, present, future: happy friendship day! may our friendship lasts the test of time… love you guys soo much!!! xoxo

girls, reunion please. no need for fancy and formal stuff. picnic at Istana Garden/Hutan Bandar would be very nice. we used to go there for hostel’s activities remember?? lots of memories and i miss those moments…
p/s: no more online shopping for me starting 3rd August. guys (and gals), wish me luck.
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