mengapa kamu, mengapa jadi begini?

1. three books (snuff, invisible monster, chart throb) in two weeks. the endings were surprisingly unexpected and not disappointing at all. highly recommend ‘em. however, the first two is not for the faint-hearted and narrow-minded.

2. calamity at block 10 KKM. damn! evicted(!!) and will relocate to block 3 next Tuesday. life proceeds minus wireless internet connection.

3. home sweet home. not so sweet life. all is well. Najmi is getting naughtier and cuter by the minute. Madihah is not so annoying now. abah and ma seems happy. Mamat is concentrating on his studies. he’ll be sitting for SPM this year.

4. wireless at home = bliss :D

5. already bought tickets JB – SEREMBAN for 31st August and 27th September. still thinking ‘bout going to BEP’s concert on 25th September until i read this.

6. loads of work to do (cyber law, U3, ko-k, tort, criminal). and most probably i won’t make it to tort group meeting next Tuesday. (see 2)

7. buka puasa with Ofee, Ayam and Nuar. i’m sorry if i said something that might jeopardise anybody’s relationship.


dan pemenangnya adalah…

mode: jakun

semalam pergi tengok I Love You Beth Cooper. cerita tu sangat lah kelakar dan sangat lah obscene. dinasihatkan jangan tengok masa puasa.

kesahnya nak pergi Mines sebab dekat dan tambang murah sikit. tapi kat Mines tak tayang cerita tu :( terpaksa pergi Mid Valley. Mid lagi. pergi semata-mata nak tengok movie and makan.

masuk-masuk terus beli magazine. berdebar-debar ni. nak ambil dari rak pun baca bismillah dulu. nak bayar pun baca bismillah. huhu. mula-mula nak bukak bila dah sampai UKM. tapi tak boleh tahan. tengah-tengah jalan baca bismillah, keluarkan magazine dari plastik, buka page belakang-belakang…

and voila!!
CLEO September issue REVLON contest winner

CLEO September issue REVLON contest winner
 nampak tak nama aku? nampak tak? nampak tak? nampak tak? :DDDDDD

ALHAMDULILLAH!! :DD time tu lah tak sabar gila babi nak tengok balik magazine July nak tahu dapat hadiah apa.
CLEO September issue REVLON contest winner

dengan ini, secara rasminya saya mengiktiraf majalah CLEO sebagai majalah kegemaran saya (haruslah over, before this selalu menang buku dari majalah adik ja).

ha ha ha.

p/s: adik-adik dah makin sihat. abah pula yang sakit. minggu depan balik JB after almost 2 months tak balik. heeee. bestnyaaa. tak sabar nak pakai mask pergi bazar ramadan :)


You’re My Star - Stereophonics

dekat City Square JB ke, dekat Mid Valley Megamall ke, kalau aku masuk F.O.S mesti ada lagu You're My Star yang sangat menyayukan hati.

rancangan asal nak tengok ca main netball kat PJ. lepas tu pergi KAED Fest kat UIA. tiba-tiba netball cancelled. ada pula arrange C.O.D kat MV. sementara tunggu buyers, melepak dekat Mid Valley & The Gardens. budget banyak duit ja. haha.

me at Mid Valley Megamall

eat at Coffee Bean Mid Valley MegamallMPH Tony Parsons Mid Valley Megamall

masa Form 6 hari-hari masuk library sekolah. bosan-bosan, pinjam buku cerita/novel Inggeris. dah habis sekolah ni adalah some english novels aku beli.

sebelum aku baca novel, esok aku ada test Arab, selasa Islamic Criminal Law, rabu Cyber Law. THANKS AAAAAAAAAAAAA!

p/s: good luck semuaaaa :)


tanda budak-budak rindu sekolah.

ofee baju sukan SIGS rumah merah fatimah

buku garis satu SIGS

1. ofee berbaju sukan rumah merah a.k.a Fatimah a.k.a johan Kejohanan Sukan SIGS 2005, 2008, 2009

2. buku tulis Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (P) Sultan Ibrahim. siapa nak pergi GS roger aku. nak kirim.


i want to slap somebody so bad.

found another Bliss Shop at Semua House. the other one is at Mid Valley. ate at Capital Cafe located opposite SOGO. they got LOMO camera’s in the shelf behind the cashier counter + B&W pictures of KL during 1971 flood. cool… no?

Capital Cafe Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Kuala Lumpur

Capital Cafe Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman Kuala Lumpur

i’ve promised myself not to shop online again until next semester… except LOMO stuff. seems pretty unconvincing right? maybe i need to do the oath thingy like the one that Queen Y did.

oh… and i need to buy a pair of heels! found one beautiful suede vintage heels at Bliss Shop but i can barely walk in it. too bad :( today i saw Mira Zaharani’s shoes and i kinda like it. i’ll totally buy it if, and only if, it’s all-black and shiny 2.5” pumps, instead of open-toed, wood-like 3-4” wedges.

on saturday, i Google-d ‘loud derogatory comment tort’ just to find out whether it amounts to assault or not. what do you know, found a similar question and the recommended answer. rezeki aku lah kot. and then i thought, why not share it with my batch mates? so, i posted the link at Facebook and Twitter. after that i went to cafe for dinner, watched Majalah 3 tribute to Yasmin Ahmad (still can’t believe she’s not here anymore), sang along to Angel – Atilia (OST Talentime) and cried while Mak Enom talks about her late daughter T_T… and forget all about tort. heh :p

today, i sense bad vibes.

firstly, from some people who wasn’t very pleased with me-sharing-link thingy. please lah. it’s not like i hacked Puan Hanim’s computer and stole the answer. if you think giving out the link is wrong, sila (think like that). everybody have their own stand. IMO, if i keep it for myself, that’s just plain selfish. maybe i am (selfish) sometimes but certainly not this time.

secondly, while in Arabic class, Ustaz told us that Yasmin’s brother was relieved she died early because her movies, and i quote; ‘akan merosakkan rakyat sebab memaparkan pergaulan bebas’. damn! i love those movies. still, what matters the most is parents’ blessings right? in conclusion, boycott KOSMO!


happy friendship day.

oh my. missing school soooo much. damn! maybe because today’s date is one of the most celebrated ones during school-years. rasa macam nak menangis ;(

there will be dedications, notes, cards, roses and stuff. people will be exchanging wishes, candies… it was just lovely and beautiful and fun and i miss it soo much i envy kids at school. tomorrow will be a blast for ‘em. kalau ada ko-k best sebab dapat jumpa kawan-kawan  and snap loads of pictures :) or even better, celebrate at City Square or Jusco Bukit Indah or Jusco Tebrau City or Danga or Istana Garden… they’re sooo lucky! :/

i wish all my friends; old, new, past, present, future: happy friendship day! may our friendship lasts the test of time… love you guys soo much!!! xoxo

girls, reunion please. no need for fancy and formal stuff. picnic at Istana Garden/Hutan Bandar would be very nice. we used to go there for hostel’s activities remember?? lots of memories and i miss those moments…
p/s: no more online shopping for me starting 3rd August. guys (and gals), wish me luck.