Grey Day

i’m going to Singapore for a one day trip this Saturday along with about eight other KPYPJ’s families. went to Pekan Rabu yesterday to prepare for the group visa. not really psyched about it though.

there was a minor problem with my application due to my nationality. although the visa have been approved, the immigration officer told me that if i didn’t sort out the minor problem ASAP, i’ll have some major problems when i apply for a real passport. i was like, ‘whatt??’. i am a certified Malaysian. i have a nationality certificate. i have MyKad for God’s sake. so what’s the problem?

p/s: thanks for a wonderful time. it’s like a sweet dream that ends too soon.

p/p/s: i had lied to you a lot! but unlike you, i still care.

p/p/p/s: didn’t sleep until 8am. i have a serious sleeping problem. God help me.

p/p/p/p/s: water still dripping from the ceiling.

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