i’m always known as the most emotional one among my peers back during high school. when i was in form 2, some of my friends nicknamed me ‘Emo’.

after all this while, i finally realized that being emotional is not always a good thing. therefore;

1. i will try my best to stay calm and relaxed in difficult situation that usually will make me emotional especially when i am dealing with friendships by trying to understand their situation as much as i want them to understand mine.

2. i will try to be at peace with myself and smile when people literally screamed ‘Yuna’ at my ears when they saw me even though deep down inside i feel like crying. for me, being called ‘Yuna’ by strangers is a mockery. some even sang ‘Dan Sebenarnya’ and that makes me feel like strangling them. from now on, i just need to calm down and put on my po-po-po-poker face.
i’m totally fine with friends and family calling me ‘Yuna’. just don’t scream at me. please…

whatever it is, just like Mr. Saniboey always say;


p/s: i will keep my over-emotional side to one person only. bear with me please.
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