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watched CHEER 2009 this morning. there were five teams competing. the winners are: VIXENS SIGS (BEST COSTUME) ZEALOUS SETA PUPPETS SMKBBU

two other teams were FANTABULOUS SIGS and an all-boys team, IGNITES SMKBBU.

VIXENS performance was great. LOVING it! seriously. i know they practice hard (based on the pictures i saw at MySpace) so, they totally deserve to win this. SETA came with two buses. SIGS didn’t have supporters. haih. where’s the spirit girls? fortunately there were people like me and my friends who came and scream our lungs out for our school’s team even though technically, bak kata my mom, it’s not our school anymore. although not many supporters came, IMHO, SIGSians cheered louder than ZEALOUS’s supporters.  maybe if it’s held at Stadium Tertutup JB more people will come. sayangnya, tengah badminton sekarang kat sana.
semester’s break is going to end soon and i won’t waste every single second left. tapi, rindu Mid Valley sudah :P
news: The Star, RAGE

Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen [2009]

i give it 4 stars. it’s a GREAT movie simply because it got a lil’ bit of everything in it. romance, sci-fi, comedy, horror, family values, etc. you name it, they got it! i even cried when Optimus Prime and Sam died. the most important thing is, Megan Fox is HOT! hehe.
the day started off OK, then everything was such a disaster – check my twitter people, took a ride in a roller-coaster of feelings and finally, it ends with a big smile and good thoughts. tapi aku masih berdendam. to the one who matters the most; terima kasih daun keladi :)

Rain or Shine the Band Still Stand

we were happy they got 2nd place because obviously, STF is gonna win. but the band girls weren’t very pleased. they got first place last year and they were very very very VERY disappointed. agak sedih tengok Lynn yang sangat down. and Nana. and Arina Coco nangis. ter-emosi pula disitu. inilah hidup ya adik-adik. kadang-kadang kita naik. kadang-kadang kita jatuh. ni semua proses pembelajaran dari pengalaman hidup. one day, when you are much wiser, you will understand.


so, semalam aku pergi sana. last time jejak masa aku masih toddler kot. huhu. lame ok. padahal dekat. tapi aku bukannya boleh buat passport pun dalam masa terdekat ni. whatever lah kan.
aku tengah tension film rosak robot kat area aku beli selendang curi-curi snap gambar Indonesian ni.sartorialist sangat!

Mentera Beradu – Malique feat. M. Nasir

“ijazah terbaik datangnya dari jalanan
dari pengalaman bercakap dan bersalaman”
(and if you don’t mind)

tengah buat apa?

baru lepas publish blog

online lagi ke?

haah. kenapa?

tak on YM ea?


i buzz you tadi

oh. ok. nak Skype tak?

tak apalah. YM ja.

(was about to say something else but… never mind)

oh. ok.

(call ended)

(and if you don’t mind)


kenapa letak phone?

tak. i on YM ni.

(call ended)

p/s: Singapore, here i come!

Grey Day

i’m going to Singapore for a one day trip this Saturday along with about eight other KPYPJ’s families. went to Pekan Rabu yesterday to prepare for the group visa. not really psyched about it though.there was a minor problem with my application due to my nationality. although the visa have been approved, the immigration officer told me that if i didn’t sort out the minor problem ASAP, i’ll have some major problems when i apply for a real passport. i was like, ‘whatt??’. i am a certified Malaysian. i have a nationality certificate. i have MyKad for God’s sake. so what’s the problem?p/s: thanks for a wonderful time. it’s like a sweet dream that ends too soon.p/p/s: i had lied to you a lot! but unlike you, i still care.p/p/p/s: didn’t sleep until 8am. i have a serious sleeping problem. God help me.p/p/p/p/s: water still dripping from the ceiling.

Here Comes The Flood

ke majlis perkahwinan anak bekas majikan abah di Nong Chik. masa abah kononnya nak tunjuk siapa Ketua Audit Negeri Johor, mata aku terfokus dekat anak dia yang pernah satu sekolah dengan aku dulu dan juga isteri dia yang merupakan Guru Penolong Kanan I SIGS. tiba-tiba ja. haha.p/s: keadaan rumah hari ni mengingatkan aku kepada Grey’s Anatomy S05E03. pernah tengok? panjang ceritanya. senang kata, rumah aku banjir. huhu


i’m always known as the most emotional one among my peers back during high school. when i was in form 2, some of my friends nicknamed me ‘Emo’.
after all this while, i finally realized that being emotional is not always a good thing. therefore;
1. i will try my best to stay calm and relaxed in difficult situation that usually will make me emotional especially when i am dealing with friendships by trying to understand their situation as much as i want them to understand mine.
2. i will try to be at peace with myself and smile when people literally screamed ‘Yuna’ at my ears when they saw me even though deep down inside i feel like crying. for me, being called ‘Yuna’ by strangers is a mockery. some even sang ‘Dan Sebenarnya’ and that makes me feel like strangling them. from now on, i just need to calm down and put on my po-po-po-poker face. i’m totally fine with friends and family calling me ‘Yuna’. just don’t scream at me. please…
whatever it is, just like Mr. Saniboey always say;

Keputusan Peperiksaan Semester 2 Sesi 20082009 / Bazar JB

tengah asyik berSkypeing… “chop! pukul berapa sekarang?” “12:44 am” “OK, jap!” “good luck!” keputusan menurun ya kawan-kawan. terima kasih banyak-banyak kepada HHHK1363 Muzik Gamelan II sebab bagi aku B. tapi salah aku juga. siapa suruh tak datang perjumpaan setiap Selasa dan Jumaat pukul 8 pm. haha. apa-apa sajalah. asalkan lulus.

aku dah berjaya keluar dari kepompong. daripada 10 am sampai hampir 10 pm. gila best OK! terlupa perihal keputusan sampailah masuk POPULAR pergi kawasan akta dan statut. tapi lepas tu lupa balik :p ira, dekat JB ada car boot sale juga macam yang debot pergi tu. p/s: terima kasih untuk Jalan Dhoby. terima kasih untuk Bazar JB. jangan rasa sedih boleh? tolonglah.

Brothers & Sisters

cuti sekolah ramai orang kahwin. hari ni pergi dua rumah. rumah cikgu Taska Fatin Syahirah, tempat adik-adik aku membesar, dengan rumah orang yang pernah besarkan aku.

The Happy Mr. Sad

abah’s name is SaM. His ACCA professional course lecturers used to call him ‘Sad’. ironically, he laughs a lot! one day, Mr. Brown told abah that abah’s nickname wasn’t suitable for him. Mr. Brown gave a new nickname for abah; ‘Happy’.

sambal goreng and nasi ambang

another way to embrace my Javanese heritage.i’m feeling hungry now. p/s: just got back from Batu Pahat.images from: Resep………. and Feed Me Milo Ais!

2009 Men’s Junior Hockey World Cup

will be held at my hometown - Taman Daya - from 7th to 21st June. admission is free.p/s: am proud to be a resident of the previously-unknown Taman Daya :Dimage from:  2009 Men’s Junior Hockey World Cup Full Coverage

Kenangan Cinta – 4U2C

old-school flavour. old-school love. brings out childhood memories.mp3 available at:


the apex-status university who had recently created a brouhaha when it  gave false hopes to approximately 5000 applicants. oh my!p/s: Kuala Lumpur, here i come!

Roland Garros – The 2009 French Open

love this dress. mermaid-like. – Maria Sharapova by Nike, RussiaThe King of Clay. he didn’t win this time. but he does it with style – Rafael Nadal by Nike, Spainhe reminds me of my 17-year old brother whom i caught viewing FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2009 website this evening – Jo-Wilfried Tsonga by Adidas, Franceimages from: Roland Garros – The French Open 2009 – Official Site by IBM

Kantoi – Zee Avi

do listen to Honey Bee – Zee Avi.