Another post about a not-so-belated birthday celebration

A month long discussion for a two hour celebration. Happiest birthday to Ayam, Cuks, Amar and Nuar. Selamat me-nua.

Abah - "Dah tua pun celebrate lagi?" Mmmkay. No birthday celebration for me then.

I don't want a party. I want more lipstick. Thanks.


Medan Selera Cenderawasih @ Larkin

This must be one of my favourite places since teenage years. The wantan mee reminds me of those days at the hostel where my family will come and they brought wantan mee bought from Cenderawasih food court. I love it. A nostalgic place indeed.

You can find Murtabak Majid here too you know. It's my favourite!


Nivea and Cetaphil bringing moisture to the desert that's my skin

After dengue fever, I had another fever, and food poisoning. I was sick for more or less seven weeks and it cost me my skin. 

My face felt like sand paper and skin on every part of my body flaked away. I immediately bought new cleanser and lotion. I was looking into Clinique but, I'm on a budget so I settled for Cetaphil.

For body lotion, I've been using Crabtree & Evelynn from the set Cukue gave me for my 26th birthday. It smells really good but I need major moisturizing so, Nivea Intensive Moisture body milk and serum seems like a good choice.

Thoughts after a month:-

My face reacts negatively towards Cetaphil's moisturizing cream. Suddenly I had a lot of blemishes. I stopped using it on my face and applied it on my feet (the most affected part - my feet bersalin kulit from the toes to the heels) and it really speed up the skin peeling process.

I still use the cleanser together with Laniege Time Freeze Intensive Cream from a trial kit I got few months ago and it's really good. Finished it, don't have the kind of money to purchase the full size. Hmm.

Nivea on the other hand is amazing. I never liked Nivea because of the smell and the lotion/serum consistency - too runny for my liking - but it works and doesn't cost a fortune so, I'll probably stick to it.