Lunch Hour : Soul Thai

Sambal House was closed a few months ago and replaced with Soul Thai. They sell Thai food (duhh!) and have a really affordable lunch set. Only RM7.90 per set. There's also a lot of other choices and the food was good. I love the tomyam, white and hot, but it was not mine. I ordered the black pepper beef lunch set because it's cheap (I'm cheap) but it was equally tasty.

Soul Thai is located at Level 2 Johor Bahru City Square (two other outlets at Nusa Bestari and Bukit Indah). More info at their website.


RéNé @ The Red Tree

It was my birthday and I was alone, just killing time after an early morning appointment. Did some shopping at Sephora and was on my way home. Decided to stop by and have a look.

The weather was killing me. It was scorching hot, I started sweating from the moment I turned the car air-cond off. There's not much people I think due to the heat and they want to avoid traffic jam due to road closures for TMJ's wedding.

I didn't go home empty handed. Bought a few scarfs and tried Smalta ice cream. I had mango vanilla. They use real mango and mix it with the vanilla ice cream. It's so gooey and milky. Very popular among the locals (I think) but, I prefer traditional ice cream... 

At the end of the day, it was a fun event and I did enjoyed my time there.


The Factory 30 by Just Want Coffee @ Taman Mount Austin

Planned to meet up with Baby K and her parents, anywhere but the town area. So we went to Mount Austin and decided to go to The Factory 30 by Just Want Coffee.

It is a cafe in a factory building, surrounded by other factories (and bars/ night clubs) and the interior resembles factory environment.

The Factory 30 serves a lot of coffees and some teas and juices. They also serve simple food. I had their cream cheese bagel  served with scrambled eggs and nachos. It was delicious but the nachos was so hard, I was scared I might chip a tooth.

And Baby K parents bought me cake - it was my birthday. It's mille crepe - Chocolate Banana and Iced Lemon Tea. Both tastes delicious, light and creamy, similar to Humble Beginnings'.

Thank you Baby K and family 

The Factory 30 by Just Want Coffee is located at No 30, Jln Mutiara Emas 5/3, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru. Open everyday from 2.00pm until midnight. Visit their Facebook for more info.