Bibir Ceri Melati - Fazleena Hishamuddin

I have been frustrated with my choice of books lately. But this one was a 180 degree spin. Finally, something good.

There's a lot of short stories and poems. What I love the most was the short stories. The poems are good too but the short stories gets me. I am in a situation where most of the time, a big fat denial is in my reality. So this is my reality check. I realize that a heartbreak is not the end of the world. I can still be okay.

But I refuse to back down. Not now I think not now. I gave too much, I will give it all. Totally unrelated with the book but yeah, it gave me clarity.

Whenever I feel that I'm being bias because I can relate to it, it made me think, aren't we all (bias)? We try to find similarities in a fictional man made characters, in whatever form of art possible, be it in the movies, short stories, poems, songs... maybe relating to something will make us feel less lonely (?)


Wadi El Arab @ Kampung Melayu Majidee

Other than ayam penyet, my all time easy pick for lunch and dinner is nasi arab. Heard a lot of good reviews on Wadi El Arab but only went there recently with my family for dinner.

We had the chicken and lamb with nasi arab (mandy/bokhari combined together), and a pot of teh arab for me and my parents. The food was good, spicy salsa, flavourful rice, nice and tender meat.

It was at par with Al-Lazeez, my favourite nasi arab restaurant in Johor Bahru. Wadi El Arab has the upper hand on the variety of menu but we didn't order anything other than nasi arab. 

The price was kind of steep but it's totally worth it. Definitely coming back for more.

Wadi El Arab is located at Kampung Melayu Majidee. Open daily from 12:00pm to 11:00pm. Contact No. 010-6612066/ 010-3800344.


Versi Saya Sayang FUU XXVII

A very rare occasion earlier this month.

I love hanging out with these people. I don't live their life - big shot lawyers, big career, unlocking achievements, striving to be the best... I am unlike them but I love being around them, they are still the same people, reminds me of yesteryear when we were still struggling to get that scroll, to be what we are today. They've become a better version of themselves.

Nobody ever told us that we were the worst batch ever, except for Conveyancing class. I turned out to be a conveyancer. It turned out quite alright, I think.

And of course, this cute little bunny...