Lunch Hour : Horizon Hills Golf Terrace

I usually work on weekends and most of the time I have to wait for a few minutes up to few hours for people. One time, I was so hungry, I paid RM13.00 for maggi tomyam. Thank God it was delicious. And the coconut bandung was not bad too. Muak sikit but sangat berlemak, yums!


Arabian Nights @ Plaza Pelangi

When I was younger, my easy choice was nasi ayam. Now, I prefer nasi arab or nasi ayam penyet. 

There's this one week where I was craving for nasi arab so badly. The first day I went to three or four restaurants and they were all closed, so I went to Kapten Steamboat & Grill instead.

The next day I went to the same restaurants and few other... surprise, surprise... they were all CLOSED!! I was about to quit but was reminded about the restaurant at Plaza Pelangi. Surely it's not closed kan since it's located inside a shopping complex. So, yeah, that's how I end up having dinner at Arabian Nights.

As soon as we enter the restaurant, it smells of fresh naan. I instantly made a mental note to order naan. And then we were presented with the menu. The price was reasonable. Nice waiters, very polite. We ordered kabsa lamb, mendi chicken, and naan. I also ordered raita, a yogurt mixed with salt and pepper that can be eaten as dip (for the naan) or by itself.

What's unique about the food was different rice was served with different side dishes. Not the usual salsa/ sambal. 

Raita was interesting. Sour because of the yogurt paired with the salt and pepper kinda works. I wouldn't mind eating here again. But in Johor Bahru my favourite nasi arab will always be at Al Hanin

Something weird happened though... we went home with a heavy head and we suspect it's the lamb or something in the rice. Or maybe it's just us.

Salt & Pepper Raita

Arabian Nights is located at Level 1, Plaza Pelangi right next to Nando's.


Toowoomba Deli & Meats @ PV 128 Setapak

Our first meal after a four hour drive from Penang. Dayang brought us to PV 128 and we had our lunch at Toowoomba Deli & Meats.

At first I thought it was pronounced as Too. Woo. MBA. because of how the letters were arranged at their signboard. But it's actually Toowoomba, named after one of the city in Queensland, Australia (wiki) and reasonably, their specialty is Australian beef.

I really like this place. It seems very rustic and homely so we feel comfortable and relaxed after a long journey. There's outdoor and indoor seats but we chose to dine indoor as we were very tired and in dire need of some air conditioning (it was freaking hot outside).

We had Chicken Chop, Fettucine Carbonara, Spaghetti Aglio Olio Seafood, Mashed Potato and assorted teas - Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Peppermint Tea and Honey Green Tea with Aloe Vera.

The carbonara is a bit spicy but it was a hit among us. The mashed potato was not as what I have imagined based on menu's illustration *frust*. The aglio olio was good but what I love the most was the salad which comes with the chicken chop. The greens were fresh and the dressing tasted amazing.

At the end of the meal, we were a bunch of happy diners.

Toowoomba Deli & Meats is located at G 3A, PV 128 Platinum Mondrian, Jalan Genting Kelang, Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. Opening hours 11.00am to 11.00pm. More info at their Facebook.