7 Tahun 7 Hari x #gdsjht10years

I actually finished the book within an hour. I was supposed to sleep but I can't, not until I finish it.

It took me on a emotional roller coaster ride. I didn't know her personally but it was such a nice and moving story on how she overcomes whatever life throws at her, and how she met her husband. When it all started, their journey... it touched me. What she wrote, what he wrote... it was beautiful.

I think she can be defined as a strong person. Her struggles are/were real and she conquered it. We can too. Perseverance and divine intervention, that is all we need.

Recently, I scrambled to place an order for her t-shirts, book and zine (thanks Ira). Feeling slightly obsessed but hey, she's worth it. From what I can see, fame and what not, she's still the same and that's why I like her.

You can have it too >> READ HERE

Thank you gdsjht.


Good things come to those who wait

22 days for a CD. Menunggu dengan debaran because who knows the real condition of the CD - it might be a dupe. From USA to MY it might be damaged (risks of online shopping) and worst come to worst, I may be paying for nothing - scam, lost in the mail etc. etc.

... but it was perfect and I was over the moon and I don't even care if the receptionist wrongly opened the package because she thought it was for the company - I was so happy. After years of contemplating and procastinating, finally. Finally. My own Yuna.


Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn / [2014]

I read an article discussing empathy that mentioned this movie before I watched it. And then I read the book.

Thoughts on the movie:

Mind and emotionally provoking. Believable (empathy - how public will react). Casting perfect. Sakit hati dengan ending but, obviously that is what Nick would do. The ending is so predictably Nick. Nick will totally stay even if it kills him. Kesian Margo.****

Thoughts on the book:

Explains the behaviour of all the characters. So basically she's a psycho ever since she realised about her status as the only child and the psychotic behavior developed through the years thanks to her parents. More insights on what's in their mind. Nick really won't leave Amy at all. I doubt it. Even if she's not pregnant. I don't think he'll ever leave her. He even said that if the tell-all book was published and Amy went to jail, he can still see her eventhough he won't be leaving with her. Amy made her a better man, vice versa. They are a psycho couple in a mind gaming relationship. Explains a lot on real life couples who actually despised each other but stayed together anyway.

From the book, I know things that I didn't know from the movie. Didn't know Margo and Nick are twins. Didn't know about the lies Amy told Desi about her father and her hatred towards her parents and Desi's mother.


One of those book-turned-movie that doesn't suck. The story was told brilliantly with the right amount of adjustment of the characters and story line. It changed my mind set about psychopathic behaviour. 

I used to think that... everyone is normal until you pushed the wrong button that will turn them into a full blown psycho. But Amy, she was born a psycho. Even before Amazing Amy. She's a total psycho Queen. All hail Amy.

Sometimes, when I don't have anything useful to do, I ask myself, can I do what Amy did and get off unscathed? Maybe, no. I don't have patience and am not a perfectionist.