Oh Yeah Cafe @ Kampung Ubi

Oh Yeah Cafe is located at an old house at the side of the road from Jalan Tebrau towards Jalan Tampoi. It is nicely decorated. I like the place and ambience but not really crazy about the location because there's no parking space, you need to park at the curb, and it's quite dark so if your car is of dark shade there is the risk of it being hit by other cars, especially if you don't really know how to side-park properly, like me.

I found out about this place from a friend's tweet. She got me at Nasi Goreng Kambing... 

So if you're like us, who will jump at the mention of any lamb meal, please visit Oh Yeah Cafe and try their Nasi Goreng Kambing and Mee Goreng Kambing. Both are amazing but the fried rice doesn't have the gooeyness goodness of the fried noodles which tastes like fat fat and lots of fat - which I love.

They also serve western food and gearbox soup which is definitely next on my to-order list. We will see if it's as good or better than ZZ's.

Oh Yeah Cafe is Open everyday except Wednesdays from 5.00PM to 3.00AM / 12.00AM (on Sundays).


acah-acah muda

Last week at Iskarnival Kreatif.


three to four times a year

reduced from once a week, to a month, then life goes on, and we moved on... catching up means we get to play with the babies and that's awesome




KONE @ Jalan Dhoby & Sayam @ Stulang, April 2016


Wong Solo appreciation post

I am hooked. It's either the sambal or the nostalgia. I think it's the latter.


Big Mouth Cafe @ Nong Chik Riverside

I kind of missing the feeling I felt when we were together as a family. Supposed to be a light snack after a meal of pasta but it end up as our second dinner.

This was back in June, during Ramadan. The food is good. Love the place, the ambiance. Very cozy, very nice place for a gathering or just catching up session.

I've tried a few cafes at Nong Chik Riverside. This is definitely on top of the list.

Big Mouth Cafe is located at J3, Nong Chik Riverside Commercial (Jalan Sungai Chat), Johor Bahru.


bukan honeymoon

...need a getaway


jale jale klate

Some pictures from our trip to Kelantan for Ariey's wedding. It was a very short trip but we had so much fun travelling together. 

Matchy matchy

Nasi Kerabu Golok - the daging bakar is to die for!!



Maggi Ketam

Looking forward to the end of this month, gonna meet them again for Pijie's reception.