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Two hospitalisations within 3 months, first Aminah, then Halim.

Stressful? Yes. But at least...

1. medical bills covered by Halim's company's insurance
2. no longer in LDR
3. own good health - at 7 months pregnant still able to care for my toddler alone while husband recovering
4. understanding boss/ company - emergency leave approved and not questioned
5. extended family living within 10km radius - they helped us a lot in times of need

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Done 1st trimester

I was late but it was too early to tell. I was scared of the possibilities.
I was assigned to a new project and I have to work on weekends for the next few months. So I peed on the stick, just in case.
Two lines. Two freaking red lines.

That was 8/9 weeks ago.
Lepas tu memang hormonal teruk. Nausea 24/7. I threw up maybe less than 5 times. Rasa nak muntah tapi tak muntah, stress ya.
Food aversion? Spicy food gave me bad heart burns which sucks because I love spicy food. I love fresh milk, but not so much now. I don't really know what to eat or if I will be okay with it. Clear soup is my comfort food. No herbs whatsoever just plain soup - garlic, white pepper. I will have lunch at AK Noodles at least once a week. I had tomyam noodle once and I was okay until I walked out of the restaurant and nausea kicks in.
Dizziness, yes. Cranky, yes. Low BP, sometimes.
Being pregnant with a toddler - the first thing I googled when I found out about this pregnancy - was crazy. I'm tired all…

Baby A's birth story; before I forget

It was Thursday, 27th July 2017. 40 weeks + 3 days and I was anxious.

I texted my husband with my plans to go to the mall on the weekends in hopes to speed up labour. But going out on a weekend is not really a good idea because it's gonna be crowded at the mall AND the hospital. So we went grocery shopping that night. 
I gained 17kg. I can barely move but it's either walking or get ready to be induced.
After we load the car, I felt something came out - like my period just came. That was my first sign of labour.
We went for dinner, home, and then to the hospital. I was sent back because (if I remember it correctly) no dilation yet.
On Friday I took an emergency leave. Decided to stay at home just in case, but nothing happened. We had nasi kandar for dinner (Nasi Vanggey - now closed) and walked around Bazar Karat.
I can already feel mild contraction but I still can walk. I was still okay.
At 3am, we went to the hospital. 2cm dilated but the ward was full. The MA asked me wheth…

Pregnant & nursing safe* sunscreens part 2

Wow. It's actually really fun listing out this stuff.

I know it's debatable and probably the amount found in sweat/ breastmilk is not enough to affect us in any way, whatever, it's still a fun thing to do and it keeps me sane.

So here's another short list of safe* sunscreens:

1. PURITO Centella Green Level Safe Sun SPF50 +/PA++++ (Chemical: Uvinul A Plus & Uvinul T 150) (link)
2. PURITO Comfy Water Sun Block SPF 50+/PA++++ (Mineral: ZnO2, TiO2) (link)

and not asian beauty but interesting:

1. REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30 (Mineral: ZnO2, TiO2) (link)

I still have 3 sunscreens in rotation and 2 in stash and doing a buy ban until late October/ early November / next Sephora Black/Gold Member Sale so might be awhile before I can purchase these babies.

The most interesting one is Purito Comfy Water Sun Block because I read a review about it having a gel-like texture. For a mineral sunscreen, that sounds amazing.

Read part 1 here.

Pregnant & nursing safe* sunscreens

You should really read this article on sunscreen. Both mineral and chemical sunscreen is risky. Nak elak skin cancer, hormone and reproductive system affected. Tsk. But it is still important so you need to know what you put on your skin. Make informed decisions all time, every time.

So what is safe (*no oxybenzone, octocrylene, octinoxate, octisalate, homosalate, 4-Methylbenzylidene camphor (link)) for me might not be for you.
Whatever it is, since I've spend few weeks going through ingredients in stores and online (CosDNA/skincarisma/ratzilla), here's *MY*{asian beauty} safe list:
1. dear, Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence SPF 50 PA ++++ (Chemical: Uvinul A Plus & Uvinul T 150) (link)
2. Huxley Sun Cream; Stay Sun Safe SPF50+/PA++++ (Combo: Uvinul A Plus, Parsol SLX, TiO2) (link)
3. Make P:rem UV Defense Me. Blue Ray Sun Fluid SPF50+ PA++++ (Mineral: ZnO2, TiO2) (link)
4. SHILLS Baby Gentle Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ (Mineral: TiO2) (link)
5. SHILLS Super Power Sunscreen Gel SPF…

My baby's first steps at 22 months

Yes, you read that right. 2 months before she turns two years old!
It's been a month since that first steps. She's still wobbly but she's getting there, getting better at balancing herself. Having fun running away from us walaupun bak kata Halim, macam layang-layang. Gone were the days when I worry day and night about her not walking pass 18 months. Now I exercise - kutip anak sana, sini.
Today gonna be her last day in baby class and she will start toddler class tomorrow - yeay! Happy tears and also sad tears for my bank account because now I have to buy uniform/school sports attire.  RM80.00 each set and I have to buy at least 2 sets 😐 
Baby(ies) are expensive!
Whatever it is, I can't wait for her school concert in November. She'll probably just cry on stage with most of her friends but yeah, mommy is excited!
Aminah, slowly but surely. Mommy will always be with you every step of the way.

MBJB found my stolen car

March 2019, I received a letter from Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru. 
They compounded my car last year. 30.04.2018. My car. The car which was stolen on 12.11.2017. They found it 3km from my house.

Do you know how frustrated I am?
They wrote to me to collect the car in March 2019. A year after they compounded my car? What the actual fuck? 
Can you not be so incompetent?
I was so mad, and sad.

My insurance claim was completed October 2018. If MBJB have done it's job properly, it would probably be easier for us. The car would still be mine. No need to buy another car (we only bought another car after insurance claim completed right before Halim start working at a new place).

When I call the no. given in the letter and explained everything to the person in charge, I don't think he fully comprehend what I said because he asked me "Oh, Puan ingat kereta Puan kena curi?"

Headache bila teringat balik that day.
But everything happens for a reason, right?
I went to see my car. …